Thursday, 14 March 2013

You Only Live Twice!!

The 5th James Bond film, and during the filming Sean Connery let it be known that he was going to retire from the roll of Bond, as he feared he would get typecast and would find it hard to get other work.
I don't know how many other of you out there think like me, but the Bond films lost their appeal after Sean Connery did eventually retire, to me, Sean Connery WAS James Bond!!! and no one could ever take his place.
For all of you Bond fans out there I have left all three posters for you to download, just click on the poster and wait till it shows up in large size, then right click and click on save picture, enjoy!!


4th Film of James Bond starring Sean Connery.
According to the reviews Thunderball "Took forever to get started and the underwater scenes were much to long and no one could work out what was happening"!
But dispite that it eventually grossed $63.6 milliom in the american boxoffices and in total earned $141.2 million worldwide!!!! Just show how much the critics know!!!!!!!!

James Bond!!!

Dr No! and James Bond first hit our screens in 1962, and I remember it very well!!! I think every female in the world who saw the film will remember it too, Sean Connery!!!!! there has never been nor ever will be, for me, a better James Bond!
Dr No, was the first James Bond film and starring Sean Connery based on a book by Ian Fleming.
It was a budget film but turned out to be a financial success.
It was to be the first of a series of 23 Bond films.
It totaled  $6 milliom at the box office compared to the $1 million it took to make it.
President John F Kennedy was a fan of Ian Flemings books and requested a private viewing of  Dr No in the White House!!
The scene of Ursula Andress emerging from the water dressed in a bikini was listed one of the sexiest scenes of film history, and the actual bikini sold at an auction in 2001 for $61.500.
Ursula was ranked first in the top 10 bond girl list.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


What can one say about an iconic film such as Casablanca that hasn't already been said? all I can do is repeat it all just in case there are some people on the planet that hasn't seen it!!!
Casablanca was made in 1942 staring Humphrey Bogart and the heavenly Ingrid Bergman.
Filming began on May the 25th and ended on the 3rd of August!!in the same year!!!! imagine that happening today????
It was shot entirely at Warner Bros studios, all except for the scenes at the airport.
Bogart was playing his first romantic role, and the film won 3 academy awards including Best Picture.
It is a wonderful film!!!

Who can ever forget Gilda????

Wow!!! when I watched this film Rita Hayworth became my Idol, I wanted to grow up and look just like her!!!lolol, and what woman in her right mind wouldn't????? she was Gorgeous!!!!!!!
Gilda was a black and white film made in 1946, starring Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford!!!
Rita played the Ultimute Femme Fatale!!!! and she played it brilliantly!!
The film became well known not just for the content but also for the photograpgy, by Rudolph Mate, and for Ritas Clothes,and especially for the dance routines like the unforgettable "Put the Blame on Maine".
I think everyone has seen this film at sometime, I for one can watch it again and again.

I'll let you all into a secret now, Rita was the one who got me to smoke, she made it look so sexy!!!lololol.
It took me 20 yrs to realise it wasn't sexy at all!! and I stopped.

Laurel and Hardy freebie

Hello again, this morning I was thinking about the more funny stars of our early films, and came to the conclusion that the most funny men in early films just had to be Laurel and Hardy!!
They became well known in the late 1920s to the 1940s for their brilliant slapstick comedy.
Laurel for his childlike friend of the pompous Hardy!!They made over 100 films together, at the beginning they made only 2 reelers, ((short films)) then in the 1930s they went into full length features!
When I was a little girl I joined the Saturday morning Cinema club and Laurel and Hardy never failed to make us all laugh at their funny antics.
Even now when they put a film on the televisions of theirs I just have to watch it, and now after all those years they still make me laugh outloud!

I hope you like my choice of free poster today and that seeing their faces brings back happy memories for you all!

Monday, 11 March 2013


Oh my goodness I nearly forgot to add the first freebie
I really hope you like this one, I just adore Audrey Hepburn, and it was such a shame they ddn't let her use her own voice singing in My Fair Lady, as she had a very good singing voice!!

Vintage Movie Posters

Hello to everyone who loves the old early movie posters, I just love them, and am lucky enough to have quite a lot on a cd, and I would love to share them with you!! Every once in a while I will leave a couple for you to download if you would like me to??
To be honest with you I have so many of them I have not had the time to look at every one of them on the disc yet!!!lololol, that just shows you just how many there is on it!!!
I also have a disc that has some wonderful old vintage racing cars on it, as well as hotrods and custom cars and lots more besides, so as well as the posters if anyone is intersted in the cars just let me know and I will work someting out ok?
Ok then, here we go, the first poster I have chosen is a Bette Davis film made in 1939, I have seen most of Bette Davis films over the years on the Television, some when I was younger, at the cinema, and to me she was one of the best female actresses ever, you could always count on her films to entertain you 100%.

She was the "Queen of Screen Bitches" of all time!

In total contrast now my next choice is the divine Jean Harlow, she was such a beautful woman, the face of an angel!!
This poster is of Hells Angels, made by Howard Hughes in 1930, the critics didn't really go for it, but it made more than twice it costs at the box office than it did for making it.

It's about the Combat Pilots of the First World War.
During the making of it, it caused quite an uproar as there were some accidental deaths of several of the pilots.
I believe originally it was supposed to be a silent movie, but Hughes changed it to become one of the first "Talking " Movies!