Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Who can ever forget Gilda????

Wow!!! when I watched this film Rita Hayworth became my Idol, I wanted to grow up and look just like her!!!lolol, and what woman in her right mind wouldn't????? she was Gorgeous!!!!!!!
Gilda was a black and white film made in 1946, starring Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford!!!
Rita played the Ultimute Femme Fatale!!!! and she played it brilliantly!!
The film became well known not just for the content but also for the photograpgy, by Rudolph Mate, and for Ritas Clothes,and especially for the dance routines like the unforgettable "Put the Blame on Maine".
I think everyone has seen this film at sometime, I for one can watch it again and again.

I'll let you all into a secret now, Rita was the one who got me to smoke, she made it look so sexy!!!lololol.
It took me 20 yrs to realise it wasn't sexy at all!! and I stopped.

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