Monday, 11 March 2013

Vintage Movie Posters

Hello to everyone who loves the old early movie posters, I just love them, and am lucky enough to have quite a lot on a cd, and I would love to share them with you!! Every once in a while I will leave a couple for you to download if you would like me to??
To be honest with you I have so many of them I have not had the time to look at every one of them on the disc yet!!!lololol, that just shows you just how many there is on it!!!
I also have a disc that has some wonderful old vintage racing cars on it, as well as hotrods and custom cars and lots more besides, so as well as the posters if anyone is intersted in the cars just let me know and I will work someting out ok?
Ok then, here we go, the first poster I have chosen is a Bette Davis film made in 1939, I have seen most of Bette Davis films over the years on the Television, some when I was younger, at the cinema, and to me she was one of the best female actresses ever, you could always count on her films to entertain you 100%.

She was the "Queen of Screen Bitches" of all time!

In total contrast now my next choice is the divine Jean Harlow, she was such a beautful woman, the face of an angel!!
This poster is of Hells Angels, made by Howard Hughes in 1930, the critics didn't really go for it, but it made more than twice it costs at the box office than it did for making it.

It's about the Combat Pilots of the First World War.
During the making of it, it caused quite an uproar as there were some accidental deaths of several of the pilots.
I believe originally it was supposed to be a silent movie, but Hughes changed it to become one of the first "Talking " Movies!

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