Thursday, 14 March 2013

James Bond!!!

Dr No! and James Bond first hit our screens in 1962, and I remember it very well!!! I think every female in the world who saw the film will remember it too, Sean Connery!!!!! there has never been nor ever will be, for me, a better James Bond!
Dr No, was the first James Bond film and starring Sean Connery based on a book by Ian Fleming.
It was a budget film but turned out to be a financial success.
It was to be the first of a series of 23 Bond films.
It totaled  $6 milliom at the box office compared to the $1 million it took to make it.
President John F Kennedy was a fan of Ian Flemings books and requested a private viewing of  Dr No in the White House!!
The scene of Ursula Andress emerging from the water dressed in a bikini was listed one of the sexiest scenes of film history, and the actual bikini sold at an auction in 2001 for $61.500.
Ursula was ranked first in the top 10 bond girl list.

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